Make Me Happy...

Ten things that are making me ridiculously happy this week...

{and i'm having quite a ridiculously happy week at that}

Imagine Dragons. I just discovered this band, and I'm actually not quite sure how I came across them, but regardless, I did and I love them. Check out this song, It's time. Also, check out their song, Radioactive.

Cinnamon Coffee. I make my own. And when I say I make my own, I mean I combine two tablespoons of Maxwell House Cinnamon Dulce coffee mix with hot water. I obviously must have been a barista in another life.

The weight lifting burn. Oh, how I missed it. Even though I'm back in the gym for the first time since December, I'm not able to do all the cardio I used to because of my leg. For now, I'm doing a lot of exercises to strengthen and heal the calf muscles in my left leg, so I definitely get that 'burn'... but it really is the best pain ever. 

My new phone. I had a Samsung Mesmerize last week, this week I have a Motorola Electrify. I won't be jumping on the iPhone bandwagon anytime soon, because to be completely honest, I see more problems than benefits with Apple tablets and phones. When the time comes that I actually want one because I feel it's superior to any other phone out there, I'll get one. But until then, I really like my new phone and it's amazing how much smoother it makes my day to day life! 

Also, My new phone's alarm makes me happy.... It gradually increases in volume. And let me tell you, that is WAY more pleasant to wake up to in the morning than getting scared out of your mind from some screaming noise that came out of nowhere.

My little sister moving to Milwaukee. She's planning on moving to the Milwaukee area this summer, after she gets back from a trip to Europe. As busy as my life is, I always like having something to look forward to not only for myself, but for someone close to me. In this case, I'm looking forward to her moving here and finding a job, so I'm currently on the hunt for a PR/Advertising/Marketing position for her...
Sidenote: I used to be terrible at this... involving myself in other people's lives. I used to spend wayyyy more time focusing on figuring things out for other people than I did for myself. Let me tell you, that is the most stressful thing you could ever do to yourself. You have no control over the outcome of the situation, because it's not even your situation. So unless it turns out exactly how you invision it, which it never will unless the person on the other end makes identical choices and life decisions as yourself, then you will undoubtedly leave the situation more stressed, angry and disappointed then you were before. It's no good for anyone. It took me a while to realize that not meddling in people's lives, didn't make me a bad friend. I was convinced that if I didn't meddle, they would think I didn't care. That's not the case at all, but I found that out the hard way. Let people make their own decisions, even if you think they're wrong. What's right and wrong is different for every single person, and it's not your job {or your right} to define those lines. 

Army Wives. I used to be a military girlfriend, so for a few years, everything in my life revolved around the army. I only got to see my boyfriend when the military told me I could. I was only able to plan vacations last minute, because the army changes their schedule at the drop of a hat. Of course, I wasn't a military wife, and they go through so much more than I did, but I related to their struggles and worries.

Army Wives is one of my favorite shows because I get it. It is in no way real military life, but it comes close to tackling some of the issues military spouses have to deal with. I have always loved this show because it really strikes a chord in me, but this last episode made me cry to the point of hyperventilation. The scene that hit me like a truck had this song playing in the background...

Planning. To do lists, my planner, budgets... all these things sound stressful, but I need them. I thrive off of life organization. Don't confuse that with material organization because I lost my boyfriends house keys the other day and found them in his fridge, next to plate full of cupcakes. Embarrassing, but that happens more than I'd like... Anyways, when I check something off a to do list, or plan my budget through the end of the year, it's like a HUGE weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I can breathe again, because I know that the life that is happening all around me, is happening right on schedule... leaving me way more space to be spontaneous and relaxed whenever I choose to be.

Warm weather pups. Now that it's almost 80 degrees in Milwaukee, yes, 80, there are pups all over the place! My next door neighbors have two bearded collies that I absolutely love seeing out and about, but I've recently discovered that my boyfriend's neighbors have three gorgeous afghan's that they walk every night... they're seriously gorgeous. It's such a strange sight to see three of these walking down the street.


Dule Hill. He is definitely one of the funnier people on television. If you don't watch Psych, you should. It's humor is pretty much a combination of Scrubs, Family Guy and CSI { I just picked a random crime show}, but it makes me laugh hysterically every single week. This is probably my favorite clip to date...

My brothers coming home. My brothers are coming home for the first time in what I think might be a few years! They currently live out in Utah/Montana doing mountain man stuff {Whitewater rafting guides, ski instructors, park rangers... that kind of stuff} I really have no idea where they're living currently to be honest, they move around depending on what season it is. I am so excited they'll be home for a week though... when I found this out, it definitely made my day!

What's making you ridiculously happy this week?


Wren said...

I love the band! And the feeling you get when you discover a new band is the best. Exciting that your sister is moving close to you! My sister and I keep moving to different cities. One day we'll end up together but for now it's like musical cities.


Chon said...

How adorable is the dog! I just want to touch the coat!

I also love organising - although at the moment I am a bit of a mess - this weekend is a bit of a regroup after spending two weekends away from home I need to get stuff sorted. anyway happened upon this blog http://iheartorganizing.blogspot.com.au/ HELLO she has some cool tips!

What your brothers do sounds like so much fun! I think in that sense Americans and Australians are very similar with their love for the great outdoors. how can you not be visiting to go white water rafting!

I've been a bit of a grump this week! But making me happy
- new long black maxi skirt that flatters the extra weight I have put on!
- I washed my hair last night and went to bed with it wet and I kid you not right now it looks like I had a blowdry
- cooler weather - I need a break!

stupid things this week. sigh :)

Nicole said...

Loving the band! Thanks for turning me on to them :)

And I love organizing, too!! It's such a strange thrill and comfort, but definitely makes my happy any week when I have little things planned and thought out. But yeah, I somehow manage to misplace the little things, too. Like my metro card that I use every friggin day lol

Other things making me happy this week:

-portfolio review with a great local magazine tomorrow (!)
-planning a brunch for some girlfriends
-riding my bike around the city in this great weather
-new music discoveries.

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