In My Imaginary Life, These Are The Views From My Bedroom Window...

A girl can dream...

For now, all I see is dirty city snow and power lines... oh well. 

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Julia said...

i love the first view the most :)

Ana Carneiro said...

I've been feeling a bit like the opposite, I'm working in an industrial but not very busy part of a not very big city, and I really really miss the noise and fuss (even dirtiness) of Porto, where I was studying.. Honestly, nowadays I love sleeping over my boyfriend's right at the city centre!


Aurelia said...

I would like to see the first or second picture! Nature, sea, wind, trees, green gras, silence......oh what do you need more?

Hope you have a good week!

xo Aurelia

Chon said...

those views look lovely!

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