I'm Smitten with These Gorgeous Spiral Staircases...

When I was younger, I always told myself I wanted this amazing spiral staircase someday, that led up to some secret room full of candy and bean bag chairs and trampoline floors, that only I could get to. I also dreamed of having a fire-pole that went from my bedroom straight into a pool a few floors down... obviously safety was my first priority when I was conjuring up my dream house at the tender age of 11.

Since then however, I've developed a bit of an anxiety regarding spiral staircases, I'm convinced I'm going to take too sharp of a turn and topple head first over the railing, plunging to my death, a whole four foot drop, to the floor below. Regardless of my irrational fear, I have to admit that these staircases are simply gorgeous.

{sidenote: who knew the plural to spiral staircase was spiral staircases? Boy, how foolish would I have looked if I called them spiral stairwells...}

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Shannon said...

Those are fabulous! My husband and I have been wanting to put a spiral staircase in our house. Lovely inspiration.


carrytim said...

Staircases are typically one of the most visuals areas of a home because they can take up a significant amount of space and are usually situated near the front door or main living areas. Decorate the walls surrounding the staircase to complement the style of your home and the rest of your decor.


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