What Is Your Favorite Kind of 'Tour'?

This past weekend, I went on a tour of Lakefront Brewery in Milwaukee with a few friends. I had never been on any kind of tour before, so I was absolutely excited for this one!

After waiting in line for about 45 minutes, we got our 6 oz. glass and four beer tokens, and headed to the bar. I'm not good at drinking {really, I'm not... my tolerance for alcohol is laughable}, so I chose the lightest beer they had, the Wheat Monkey. Two 6 oz. glasses in and I was tripping over my own feet... this was all before the tour even started. 

Even though it appears I can get drunk off of the mere scent of alcohol, I really liked the concept spending an afternoon touring a working brewery with all my friends.

So, in addition to breweries, what kinds of tours have you been on that you absolutely loved? I need some suggestions for more fun weekend activities!


debbiecutieface.com said...

I bet you anything my tolerance is lower than yours ;)

alanna rose said...

Did you know they have food tours almost every weekend downtown? http://www.facebook.com/mkefoodtour?ref=ts
I really want to go on one, but finding the time is challenging. I also wonder if Penzey's does tours? I'd love to hang out with the spices!

Mel said...

I've done a drinking/biking tour twice around Milwaukee in the summer. :) It was great! But if your tolerance is low, maybe stick with root beer samples so you can still bike! brewcitybiketours.com

I like all the other brewery tours...Miller (best sight-seeing), Sprecher, Milwaukee Brewing Company (best value - unlimited drinking for $7), and also check out the Great Lakes Distillery tour, where they make spirits (vodka, gin, rum, grapa). Cedar Creek Winery in Cedarburg is a nice day trip, too!

And if you're looking for something un-booze-related, I highly recommend the Saturday architectural tour of Central Library. If you go in the summer you get to see the green roof, too. I love this city.

Shannon said...

What fun! I have never toured a brewery before but it sounds like a great time. I like to tour wineries. :) I also love to go on tours of historic missions. So fascinating.


meesch said...

@alanna rose - a Penzey's tour would be FANTASTIC! Oh if only...

@mel - I am definitely going to look into the cedar creek winery - thank you!

Kitchen Cabinet Doors said...

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