Make Me Happy...

Ten things that are making me ridiculously happy this week...

Cupcakes. My boyfriend got me a chocolate dipped strawberry cupcake, a mango lemon cupcake and a white chocolate strawberry cupcake for Valentines day, so delicious! The cupcakes didn't stick around long enough for me to take a photo {obviously}. 

80's music videos. My friend Kat and I have been frequenting the Rogues Gallery Bar downtown lately, and they've started to play fantastic 80's music and music videos and I absolutely love it. There really is nothing better than the 80's.

A new laptop. My old laptop had a mind of it's own. I have had it since my senior year of college though, so I suppose it was time for a new one. I kind of like the fact that I started fresh with this one... no drunken college photos, no overplayed itunes playlists... a fresh start!

Willie Nelson's cover of The Scientist. I can't stop listening to it. Especially after seeing this commercial, it's so haunting. I simply love it.


The Cheddar, Apple combination. For as long as I can remember, I've been putting cheddar cheese on my apple pie {on the rare occasion that I actually do eat apple pie}. For some people, this is totally normal. For others, it's absolutely disgusting and appalling. I grew up doing this, so for me, it's completely normal and delicious... My friend Kat and I dined at Balzac Wine Bar this past weekend and ended up getting a cheddar scone covered with apples and vanilla ice cream... it was amazing. And it made me happy that I'm not the only one out there that likes the cheddar, apple combination!

Writing on a legal pad. I feel like a lawyer. 

My physical, leatherbound planner. As much as I love technology {I really don't... It's way too hard for me to keep up}I need to have all my days planned out on paper, where I can easily flip through the pages and see everything laid out in front of me. People make fun of me because 'I'm so behind the times', but I really like having everything organized in a book that I can physically carry around with me. Gosh darn technology. 

Grapefruit. I kind of like having to put in some good old fashioned hard work for my breakfast. Grapefruits are not easy to eat.


This photo. Oh my word.


You've Got Mail. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are two of my favorite actors ever. Plus, I love absolutely everything about this movie... the book stores, the apartments, the parks, the sound of dial-up internet {yes, the sound of dial-up internet}... I want to live in this movie.


What's making you ridiculously happy this week?


Jenn said...

Is it bad that the Willie Nelson/Chipotle video almost made me cry? I'm such a softie ; ) And then I realized the animals were still be shipped off to be eaten, so...still sad, I guess? Oh my gosh, I want to live in Meg Ryan's apartment in You've Got Mail - and then go to all the cool places she meets Tom Hanks at in NYC. Cheddar cheese and apple pie, huh? I would doubt the combo, but I recently had Chik-fil-a waffle fries dipped in their cookies and cream milkshake and loved it, so anything's possible!



Anabelle said...

I've had a pretty bad week, so what made me ridiculously happy is mainly to read your post :) Oh no, and my baby's new jogging pants from H&M, they are too big but they look so comfy, I just think he is adorable.
(I'm sure if I was in a better mood, I would find plenty of other things though...) Thanks for spreading the positivity around ♥

Mel said...

Rogues....is that the old Fat Abbey/The Lodge/whatever else it's been in the past five years?

meesch said...

@mel - it's the old McCarthey's across from Trinity - you should check it out, I absolutely love it!

Wren said...

You've got mail is the best movie ever hands down. I love it so much.

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