Make Me Happy...

Ten things that are making me ridiculously happy this week...

When people who generally have miserable jobs, genuinely appreciate when you're nice to them. My car was towed early this morning for apparently being parked on the odd side of the street on an even side of the street kind of night... *here's my little complaint rant...* I didn't even know they enforced this, nor are there signs anywhere on the street I was parked on that stated this was a night parking practice. I am absolutely disputing not only the towing fee, but the ticket that I got right along with it. Anyways, when I showed up to the city lot this morning, let's just say there were a few 'characters' there. I felt bad for the woman that was working at the window because she was dealing with people yelling at her left and right. I had no intention of yelling at her, it wasn't her fault that my car was towed, so I was nice and I smiled. She, in turn, was extremely nice and smiley back to me. You could tell that dealing with someone friendly like myself, if only for a moment, made her day a little bit easier.

Sidenote: does anyone know how to get that car marker off your windows? I'm thinking I may have to resort to a razor-blade to get it off!

The Fray, Scars and Stories. It came out on Tuesday, and I've been listening to it non-stop since. I must admit, as much of a fan as I am {and I am absolutely one of the biggest fans out there}, I could stand to be a little more impressed with this album. Of course, it's fantastic, but it had a lot to live up to with the release of their absolutely phenomenal last album, The Fray. I think the fact that I heard all the songs live, back when they were still recording the album, tainted my opinion a bit. Everything sounds better live, except Lana Del Ray. Regardless, listen to the album: Run For Your Life is slated to be their next single, and Streets of Philadelphia is definitely one of my favorites.

Chobani's new 0% Blood Orange Greek Yogurt. It's unexpectedly divine. 

The new grilled cheese bistro in Milwaukee. It's called the Melthouse Bistro and it's basically gourmet grilled cheese. We went there the other night and I ordered the 'Southern Belle'; Apple butter, dijon mustard, spinach, tomatoes, Wisconsin brie and angus beef on a buttered Brioche loaf. It was seriously good!

Prosciutto. I put some in an omelet, along with ricotta cheese, chives and some chopped garlic, I was seriously pleased. The fact that it's so thin however, is dangerous for my willpower. I'm definitely a 'snacker' while I cook and bake... 

Cake and Allie. Allie is a baker blogger extraordinaire and a friend of mine from way back in high school who now makes the most amazing sweets and treats out in Arizona. I just love looking at all the gorgeous recipes she comes up with, like these banana split cupcakes,  heart cinnamon rolls and strawberry bellinis. If you get a chance, you should definitely check out her site, here! She has the most delicious recipes and photos... I really could spend hours just looking through her recipes.

Soup get-togethers. My cousin invited me to a 'soup get-together' at her house... just a bunch of people eating a bunch of soups - that's probably the best idea I've heard all year. To my cousin: this is my formal RSVP - I will be there. I like soup. 

My hair is no longer short. I cut all my hair off less than a month ago and I swear, it's already grown like three inches. My hair has always grown extremely fast, but this is ridiculous! I guess the great thing about it, is that I cut it all off because it was so badly damaged... but with the help of this amazing {and inexpensive} hair treatment that you can find at Sally's Beauty Supply, it's like the damage never happened! To get back to where it was before I cut it, I'll need about an extra foot of hair, which would generally take over a year to grow. At the rate my hair is apparently growing though, I'll be back at my old length by the middle of summer... this is very exciting for me. 

This commercial. I'm not entirely sure if these new Old Spice commercials {there are a few of them} played during the Super Bowl, but I cannot stop laughing at them!


Lilac candles. I found a lilac candle of mine the other day and the smell immediately put me in a spring mood. I'm convinced that I would be permanently miserable and grumpy if it wasn't for the 83572987 Yankee candles that fill my apartment.

What's making you ridiculously happy this week?


debbiecutieface.com said...


Ana Carneiro said...

that photo of food is dangerous! I think I'm going to make myself a cup of hot chocolate x)


dreaming en francais said...

A soup get-together sounds like SUCH a good idea! And that food looks so yummy. You should join my very first link-up over on my blog.. this post would fit perfectly, as it's all about little things you're grateful for/loving this week! xo


Andrea Grace said...

never heard of a soup together, sounds like fun!

Wren said...

Haha I love that old spice commercial. And prosciutto is amazing. I've put it on pizzas and had it wrapped around bocconcini. Amazing.


A Girl Named Allie said...

Holy smokes, I have to try those banana split cupcakes! they look so yummy!

beti said...

It is a lovely collections of things, those sandwiches look really good, this week the things that made me happy where my new pants :) also I bought a new dog so I'm really happy

Jayme and Mendi said...

You have a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant?!? You have no idea how jealous that makes me! ;)

I'm going at lunch today to my local Sally's to see if I can find that Hair Rescue kit. I'm trying to grow my hair out and the every 8 week trims are killing me! Every time my stylist chops off what just took me 8 weeks to grow. No bueno. So I'm hoping maybe this treatment can help me squeak out a couple more weeks between trims.

Love that commercial!! Was it just me, or were a lot of brands teaming up for commercials this year?? When it cost $3.5 million for a 30 second spot, I guess it's a good idea!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

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