Gorgeous Home Libraries...

This morning, I stumbled across this gorgeous photo of a dimly lit library that I simply fell in love with. To be quite honest, I've never been to the Milwaukee Public Library, but I'd imagine it looks nothing like this photo. 

Regardless, I did find a few gorgeous home libraries that I can't help but dream about now.

One day I'll have a home library of my own... One day.

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Mal said...

Someday I want a home library! That has been my dream ever since seeing Beauty and the Beast when I was a kid.

Mal @ The Chic Geek

Cameron said...

Number 6 is torturous to look at.....I want something like that SOOO BADLY!!!!!!!

Mel said...

You must visit Central Library downtown! I go there at least once a week to pick up/return books, but this summer I went on the architectural tour, and it was so beautiful. We also got to sneak up to see the green roof!

Ana Carneiro said...

My dream is to have a home library! I also shared that photo of the New York apartment, the one with the white sofas and staircase to the bookshelves!


Melody said...

I love the pics you chose. :) Great selection! I really love interior design


Ashley said...

I love this post! Add a huge walk-in closet to a home with an amazing library...sold.


Ballad of Seasons said...

oh you made me want to take my book and sip a cup of coffee while reading!
Ballad of Seasons

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