Winter Needs More Yellow...

Milwaukee has a high of 8 degrees F today. 

I'm about 3 seconds away from painting every single wall in my apartment yellow to avoid getting into some kind of mid winter slump... which in turn would result in me spending my weekends bundled up on the couch with three blankets, a winter hat and mittens and eating copious amounts of comfort food while watching the Step Up 3 DVD on repeat until I had to brave the winter weather again come Monday morning {which my roommate so kindly pointed out happened last winter... oops}.

So, instead of turning my apartment into a hideous yellow-covered abomination {when I get an idea, I go with it until I literally can't go any further... trust me, it's not determination if it never goes well}, I think I might spruce things up a bit this weekend. A few yellow accents here and there and my apartment might just regain that sunny disposition that I love so much about it during the summers!

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wHiT said...

awe. I would come over and help you paint! ;)

Wren said...

I agree with you one hundred percent. Yellow is such a beautiful colour all the time, but especially in the middle of winter.

genevieve said...

I adore literally everything about this entire post. Nothing like a yellow pick-me-up to shed the 8 degree blues!

skippysays said...

Bright colors always cheer me up in cold weather :)

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