Sometimes, I Annoy Myself...

The other day, I heard a song that I fell in love with. Well, I've been listening to that song on repeat all morning. As much as I love hearing this song over and over... I know that in about a week, I'm going to get so burnt out on it that I'll never want to hear it again.

This got me thinking about other annoying habits I have that I SERIOUSLY want to kick... for my own good. 

- I absolutely need to be more tolerant of people. I don't exactly assume that other peoples bad habits or bad days reflect directly upon their relationship with myself, but I always take everything that goes on around me so personally. For example, I cleaned my apartment until it shined this weekend... but I did it in anger. This was my illogical thought process as I walked in the door after being gone the whole weekend... 

" Seriously? That's not my shoe print. How dare my roommate come home and leave a shoe print in the kitchen and not clean it up right away! I'm gonna clean it. I'm gonna clean it and everything else in this apartment because I'm so irritated with this shoe print. This is the last time I'm cleaning this apartment, EVER. How dare my roommate wear shoes. "

Yes, my whole apartment got cleaned to perfection out of my apparent anger towards shoes... but the fact that I even had that thought process is a bit ridiculous... I really need to be more tolerant of people... and shoes.

- I need to stop exaggerating. I have the terrible habit of blowing insignificant things out of proportion for absolutely no reason. If I looked at my text messages right this second, I guarantee I've sent a text recently about some random celebrity spotting that never actually happened. Like this one I just found...

" I'm pretty sure Michael Jackson's daughter is in front of me in line... it might be that girl from the ring though "

Seriously? Get it together, Meesch.  

- I need to stop talking to every domesticated animal that passes me on the street like they'd actually be able to talk back. I'm not even gonna elaborate on this one because I embarrass myself enough on the streets of Milwaukee. In my defense, I don't talk to squirrels or anything... it's pretty much just dogs. But their owners think I'm a nutjob.


- I need to stop obsessively checking my cell phone like I'm waiting for an important call or something. I'm not... I just check it out of habit whenever I'm bored or anxious. But I mean, when you have a background that looks like this... how can you not want to look at it every five seconds?! 

Besides the point... bad habit.

- I need to have better phone etiquette. In a professional sense, I have great phone etiquette. When I try to have a casual phone conversation though, unless I'm sitting in a room with absolutely no distractions, you might as well be trying to talk to a sugared-up two-year-old. I am completely attention deficit when I'm on the phone. If anything shiny passes through my line of site... you better believe I've stopped paying attention to the person on the other end of my phone call. 

I know I have a ton of bad habits that I don't even realize, which is fine... no one is perfect. BUT I'm well aware of these bad habits, to the point that it even annoys myself. 

Do you have any annoying habits that annoy even yourself?


Heather Belle said...

Haha we must be related because I'm pretty sure I suffer from every one of these.
My worst and most annoying habit though is definitely my lack of tolerance towards people. If I don't know the person, I'm a sweet heart, but once I get to know them a little better and they do even one stupid little thing (no matter how insignificant), I flip out and suddenly am annoyed by everything they say/do. I'm vicious!


Shia said...

I love this post and that adorable pic of your dogs...SOOOO cute! Wait did you stop reading because of something shiny...I kid I kid =)

♥ Shia

debbiecutieface.com said...

I think you need to be kinder to yourself ;) You are awesome. But yes, I am horrible at talking on the phone. I just can't do it. Text me please.

Heather said...

Ha - I hear ya on #1 - I totally need to be more patient and tolerant with other people... but certainly keep talking to 4 legged peds, they are people too :)


Megan said...

I need to start with the puppy photo because that made me smile!! How cute is that?!?!

I am the same way - I annoy myself a lot with how easily annoyed I can be. Sometimes it's hard to tolerate certain people, but I need to be better at hiding how I really feel in certain situations! haha.

Have a great day! :) :)

Grace said...

oh lord i think we have the same annoying habits. I'm constantly checking my phone and have absolutely no reason to and definitely need to learn to be more tolerant too.. that's the hard one

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