My Must-Have, Everyday Necessities...

I've noticed over the years that there are a few products in my everyday routine that I absolutely cannot live without. No substitutions... I have to have these products. So, I thought I would share my godsend items with you!

Benefit Erase Paste - It works miracles for tired eyes - It literally erases everything: fine lines, dark circles, thin skin, puffy eyes... this is your miracle cure.

Aveda Control Paste - I have super fine, wavy hair. Frizz and flyaways are part of my every day. This is the only thing that helps without making my hair greasy, shiny or sticky. I require this daily.

BedHead Urban Anti-Dotes Resurrection Shampoo & Conditioner - I have extremely damaged hair from a straightener disaster, so I use a cocktail of repair treatments and serums every day. This shampoo and conditioner has definitely helped soften my super dry, damaged hair.

Loreal HIP Chrome Eyeliner - I have the terrible habit of squinting every time I smile... No matter how hard I try not to, it's just completely unnatural for me to smile without squinting my eyes. This has proven to be a problem for my eyeliner over the years though... if I don't have a great eyeliner, my squinting smiles quickly turn into raccoon eyes... not pretty. I've used everything under the sun. Although I love liquid liner, it gets hard to apply when I'm rushing out the door. Loreal's High Intensity Pigment chrome eyeliner really stays through all my squinting. After I apply my eyeliner, I set it with black or purple eyeshadow and a liner brush... I won't use any other eyeliner out there. {i've yet to try out gold and silver, but black is my everyday liner, and purple is my going out liner... I absolutely love it}

Stila Custom Color Blush - I love this blush because it really brightens up my face. I'm a big fan of what my friend Kat calls 'clown blush'... which I apply extremely liberally. Other clown blushes I have {such as Amazing Cosmetics Blush} is ultra pigmented, so you have to be very careful how much blush you get on your brush. This blush though, applies very evenly and makes your face look just the tiniest bit sun-kissed.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze - I just really love the colors in this compact. Plus, it's a natural looking shimmer... not glittery or shiny, just the slightest bit shimmery.

C. Booth Walnut Shell Scrub - It smells fantastic and it's the best scrub out there {in my opinion of course}.

Zotos Hair Rescue Severe Breakage Kit - So here's the story about my hair: I've always had very thin dry hair. But, I have a ton of it. So that means, I have to use double to heat on my hair to get it dry and straight, because there's so much of it. Well, everyday damage to my hair aside, one day, I decided to try and 'curl' my hair using a straightener. Basically, I turned the heat up on my iron, and slowly flat-curled my hair from the root to the end. It ruined my entire head. I had my tears, I thought about shaving my head, I wore my hair in hair tyes like it was my job. Finally, I just cut a ton of it off. But I can only cut so much off before I start to look like a fella.
Since my hair was so unbearably damaged, I had to enlist some outside help {my stylists only solution was 'cut, cut, cut'}. My hair was to the point where it was permanently crimped and broken on the ends, and cracked off every time I even attempted to run my fingers through it. It was bad... and it still is pretty bad, but this is the only product that has made any kind of difference. After using this kit, there are still a few pieces that are ugly and visibly broken like before, but this has made a world of difference, overall. It's going to be a long road till my hair gets back to normal, but I'm so thankful I found this product, it has made life a little bit easier... since I don't cry every time I look at my hair now.

So these are some of the products I absolutely swear by... I mean, along with the St. Ives Apricot scrub, Johnson's Baby Oil Cream, Dr Pepper Lip Smackers and the Ralph Lauren Blue Perfume that I've been using since birth....

What are some products you absolutely swear by?


Wren said...

Now I really want to try the erase paste. I don't have many products that I use but I love Skintrue foundation by Annabelle, Clinique bronzer, Clinique lipstick and Aussie Hairpsray (for the delicious smell).

I'm so sorry about your hair. I hope it is on the mend. As I hope you are. How have you been since New Years?


Jenn said...

I need to get ahold of both of those pastes. Very desperately.



Isabel Knowles said...

Erase Paste is amazing! I was hesitant about spending so much on a concealer but it's super & lasts ages! & I use the Ralph perfume too - I stole some off my sister & never looked back :)
Love the phone pics, I'm defo in need of a clear out.


Crissy said...

I don't have much products but I'll go all out for eye makeup. I do the SAME thing when I smile so I'm definitely going to try that chrome eyeliner!

Anabelle said...

Great selection of products. I have to try the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick, I LOVE her products (I was thinking of writing a post about that actually, as I have a lot of her things on my birthday present list ;) I have been advised by a makeup artist to use the illuminating bronzer powder in Aruba, do you know this one? It gives an amazingly beautiful and natural glow.
Personally, I can't live without my concealer (Mac).

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