Monthly Resolutions // January Goals...

I would love to start my new year off with a list of resolutions just like everybody else. No one keeps to them though! You make one resolution that you're supposed to conquer within 365 days? It's too easy to just sweep that resolution under the rug and completely forget about it while real life is keeping you stressed, scheduled and way too busy for your own good.

So, instead of making a list of resolutions for the entire year that I will naturally forget about the second something more pressing comes along, I've decided I want to make one goal at the beginning of each month, to complete by the end of that month.

 January's goal: Read one book this month.


I know that seems easy for some of you... but I rarely find a second of free time where I can actually breathe, let alone sit down and get completely immersed in a good book.

Dear January,

You started off kind of rough, but I'm determined to take some time to myself this month and get completely lost in a really great book.


Any suggestions?


Ameryn Marie said...

The last two books I read were both pretty good: Water for Elephants {it's a pretty quick read, and I'm a slow reader!} and The Help {really good, but it is pretty long} Hope you have fun with whatever you end up reading!

wHiT said...

I'm trying to get through One Day, i've had it for a couple months already...i just can't seem to get into it.

Jenn said...

Love that plan! I think it's so much more attainable to do one specific goal a month than fifty more generic goals (like mine - cringe!). I'm excited to have some success stories to share! P.S. Totally agree with Ameryn on The Help - amazing! I also recommend anything by Kate Morton - she is an incredible storyteller - or Jodi Picoult - good if you like courtroom/mystery/drama kinds of stories, and usually involves some kind of interesting medical situation as well.



Mel said...

You should read The Hunger Games so you're done in time for the movie! It's such a good book to get lost in, and a very quick read.

Mego! said...

I agree with @ameryn marie. Those were also the last books that I read and I LOVED them both :)

debbiecutieface.com said...

a goal a month is actually a great idea and probably so much easier to stick to...I also find it hard to find time to read a book and I hate that!

Anonymous said...

I second the vote for "The Help". Reading it brightened my mood!

Katie said...

great plan for january. i might second that one. :)

Chon said...

I hope you are feeling much better after your accident. I hope the car though is feeling much worse. A good book, I am on the look out for one. Suggestions?

Wren said...

It is definitely hard to make a resolution that you will remember for an entire year. I like your idea better.



xchocoxloverx said...

You should read the Great Gatsby! Its a classic, but it's a relatively short and easy read, plus it has a great history and is set in such a beautiful era.

meesch said...

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone! I've been eyeing up Hunger Games, and I might have to check out Kate Norton too... now the hard part... getting myself to actually sit down and start the book!


Heather said...

This picture is awesome! My goal is also to read a book a month... so far so good! Seems like an attainable enough goal. I should actually also do more cooking - your blog is perfect inspiration for that!


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