In Loving Memory...

On January 2nd, 2012, my aunt lost her battle with bladder cancer.

My Aunt Terri, my godmother, was an amazing woman. It is because of her genuine love for life and appreciation for the simple things that I am able to live the way I do and have a passion for everything around me.

The thing about Bladder Cancer is that there is very little funding, therefore very little research and hardly no public awareness or advocacy. According to the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network,

'...there is little knowledge among the general public and general medical community about the causes, symptoms and treatment of bladder cancer, and that there is only a limited amount of information available to those suffering from it. Despite the fact that bladder cancer is the 5th most commonly-diagnosed cancer in the U.S., it has been treated like the “elephant in the room,” the disease no one wants to talk about in public... Unfortunately, this lack of public recognition results in less funds allocated by the federal government to research devoted to the diagnosis, treatment and cure of bladder cancer. While numerous organizations are devoted to other forms of cancer—in some case multiple organizations advocate for the same cancer—bladder cancer is by far the most prevalent cancer without a single national advocacy voice.'

If I can do anything with the online presence that I am lucky enough to have, it's to increase awareness the best I possibly can. At the bottom of the sidebar on this blog, there has always been a yellow ribbon that links back to the Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network's website. If all I do is make just one person more aware of the serious underfunding and lack of advocacy for bladder cancer research, then I'll know I've used my little online presence to honor my aunt and her memory.


amber d* said...

I'm so sorry for your loss *hugs*

Shia said...

I'm so sorry for your loss. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers.

♥ Shia

debbiecutieface.com said...

I'm so sorry :(

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