Bringing The Barn Door, Indoors...

In college, I had to complete a project for a publication layout class that required me to create a magazine cover for something I truly loved. While I focused my efforts on The Fray {obviously}, my friend Kat {I'm pretty sure we shared all the same classes throughout college} focused her cover on 'barn weddings'. At the time, I had never heard of having a wedding in a barn, but when I came across this first photo of a re-purposed barn door, I immediately thought back to Kat's unique magazine cover concept...

I'm completely smitten with how these barn doors have been incorporated into indoor decor.

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...and here's the magazine cover from my very first graphic design class

A valiant effort for my first adobe experience... I suppose.


Jenn said...

This may qualify me as a loser, but I saw a barn door on the Disney show "Good Luck Charlie" and loved it. What, they have a really cool house and a cute baby! I couldn't help it! ; )



Sarah Stright said...

I'm not normally a barn type person but those photos are fantastic! And way to go on your first cover!

Jo said...

I LOVE everything about the first picture!

Grace said...

this is dream house situation. so pretty, rustic but still modern.

wHiT said...

OMG, you had me at "barn" ;)

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