Urban Gardening...

I'm a plant kind of girl... I currently have a mass of house plants scattered about my apartment. They brighten everything up and make me feel a bit more 'adult'.

Currently, it's 30 degrees F outside, so I have no intention of beginning an outdoor garden project. Come spring however, I really need to start putting my two balconies to use! This past season, I had a hanging rosemary plant out on our front balcony and it made my whole apartment smell fantastic, since we generally kept that door open during nice weather. Well, once it started getting colder, and the doors and windows spent more time shut than open, I kind of forgot about my hanging Rosemary plant... oops!

My plant killing skills aside, I really wanted to get a head start on urban gardening ideas for my two balconies come springtime!

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Aurelia said...

That's so beautiful!

Nature should be part of our life, no matter where we live!

xo Aurelia


Shannon said...

Great post! I love the succulents on the wall. I've always wanted to try to do that.


Lauren said...

What great green inspiration!


Cari Cantrell said...

I love the terraced herb garden! I have always wanted one, not only are they convenient, they are so pretty!

Abigayel Bryce said...

OH oh oh!! I love these photos! : )


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