My Weekend...

My weekend in photos...

Frozen Lake Michigan

Homemade Gouda and Blue Cheese Buffalo Chicken Mac n' Cheese

The first snow

Guinness Fudge cookie batter

My baby sister graduating from my alma mater! Congratulations, Brooklyn!

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


Susan said...

Where can one find the recipe for the Guiness Fudge Cookie Batter - sounds delicious!

meesch said...

@susan - it's comin' up in my next post! And yes, they definitely are delicious!

debbiecutieface.com said...

love that first shot and the cookie batter sounds incredible! Congrats to your sister!

Shannon said...

Great photos! The first shot is incredible.


Wren said...

Congrats to your little sis!! Everything looks delicious and wonderful. I love the first snow, it's always so refreshing and clean.

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