Make Me Happy...

Ten things that make me ridiculously happy this week...

Rain. This only makes me happy because it should be snow... but it's not. It's rain, in the middle of December, in Wisconsin! It was 50 degrees F in Milwaukee yesterday, I didn't even wear a coat! Plus, I love how the city streets look at night when it's raining... so romantic.
Salt Water Taffy. I know it's made of pure sugar, salt and cavities, but the only time I get to enjoy salt water taffy is, well, when I'm anywhere near salt water! Travel down to Florida, and the gift shops are filled with taffy, key lime treats and sunglasses. Travel up to Wisconsin, and the gift shops are filled with cheese, beer and... cheese. I haven't been back down to Jacksonville, Florida {where my parents live} in about eight months, so it's been a bit since I've had my salt water taffy fix. Thank you to whomever deemed it appropriate to fill the candy bowl at our office's reception desk with salt water taffy, I owe you. {actually, I probably owe you about fifteen pieces of saltwater taffy since I cleared out the bowl the other day... oops}

House Plants. I've always been a big house plant kind of girl, but I've gotten a little bit carried away lately {and plan to get even more carried away when I make another trip to the greenhouse this weekend}. Thank goodness though, because it makes me so happy to open the door to our apartment and see a tiny jungle in our tiny living room.

This.  Seriously?!

Carey Mulligan. She might be the most adorable girl in the entire world... maybe even more adorable than that tiny monkey creature above... maybe. That said, I am so insanely excited for the upcoming Great Gatsby movie with her, Spiderman and Gilbert Grape... not to mention that it's directed by Baz Luhrmann! Think Romeo & Juliet, Moulin Rouge, Australia and, well, the 'Everybody's Free To Wear Sunscreen' song. You better believe I will be first in line at the midnight showing of that one! Ok, that's a lie, I've never been to the midnight showing of any movie because I generally have better things to do... like sleep... or watch old re-runs of Matlock on Hallmark Channel.

Hans Zimmer. Have you ever seen the movie The Holiday? I watch that movie every time I'm a little blue, and it cheers me right up! Hans Zimmer is the composer, and has such a way of making you feel happiness, sadness, excitement, sorrow and joy all within a few notes... his music in this particular movie is simply phenomenal and makes me so incredibly giddy... Seriously, just listen to the song above, and try not to feel happy! Zimmer also composed the music for Inception, The DaVinci Code and Angels & Demons, the Pirates of the Carribean movies, The Dark Knight and Pearl Harbor {among a ridiculous amount of others, I might add}.
My toothpaste. My biggest pet peeve is using toothpaste other than my own. I've used the same toothpaste since birth. I'm a Crest Complete Herbal Mint girl allllll the way. My toothpaste tastes great, everyone elses toothpaste tastes terrible. Proven fact.
The word 'Gentleman'. I can't help but smile when someone says 'a gentleman's weekend', 'a gentleman's agreement' or 'a gentleman's gentleman', I just really enjoy using the word 'gentleman'.
When my street smells life fresh laundry. Thank you for using fabric softener, neighbors... it makes for such a pleasant walk from my apartment to my car in the mornings.
My baby sister graduating. I'm absolutely thrilled to go back to my alma mater and watch my little sister walk across the same stage that I did such a short time ago! She's the youngest in my family and she's already graduating from college... Time sure does fly! I'm so excited for everything that she's about to accomplish in life! Also, she's borrowing my cap and gown for the ceremony and forgot to take into consideration that I'm 5'10" and she's 5'6"... I hope it looks like she's floating across the stage.

What's making you ridiculously happy this week?


Joanna said...

The monkey is ADORABLE!!! Something about monkeys... I just love them! So cute!

debbiecutieface.com said...


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

carey mulligan reminds me so much of michelle williams, i adore her so much. and that little monkey? ADORABLE!!!!
xo TJ

Whit said...

I know exactly what you mean by watching the Holiday movie. I do the same thing... :)
I left the no snow in WI, and came to TX for the weekend, where it's muggy and raining. lol


Shannon said...

Such a great list of happy things! :)


Yara Simón said...

I'm really into Carey Mulligan, too. I was just reading your little bio on the side, and I couldn't help laughing at the not ordering the same thing twice. I always eat the same thing. So bad.

Grace said...

i love carey mulligan! i'm so excited for Gatsby. I was stalking the movie ever since I heard rumors!

this post made me happy :)

Michelle * Viva Revival said...

Lol OMG! That monkey is so cute. He's going to be my new desktop picture at work!

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