I'm Fairly Awkward...

So, I'm kind of odd. I can be serious when I need to, but most of the time, I forget to sensor what goes on in my head before it comes out of my mouth, I act about twenty years younger than I actually am and I have illegitimate fears that make people seriously question my intelligence level.... Weird quirks like that set people apart from the next person though; normalcy is boring!

I'm really curious to know what other quirks are out there... here are some of mine...

{and my successful attempt at wake surfing}

Until a few days ago, I thought Bruce Willis and Bruce Wayne were the same person.

I don't know how to ride a bike.

I have never in my life been able to touch my toes {That's what you get for being 5'10" with a 37 inch inseam}

Whenever I hear someone whistle, I think there is a serial killer near by.

I cannot for the life of me work a DVD player. I'm technologically illiterate.

I will never eat anything purple. Blue is pushin' it...

I could install a hardwood or tile floor for you. I can also wire a circuit breaker and write code for programmable logic controllers as well... yet I can't work a DVD player. People are usually surprised by my day job...

Claymation terrifies me. Animation that looks alarmingly like real life terrifies me as well.

Whenever I hear someone cough near me, I hold my breath until they walk away.

95 percent of the time, I put so much food in my mouth that I have trouble chewing and breathing. My bites are exceedingly large... I think I need to start eating with baby utensils.

I will never be able to spell the words guaruntee or resturaunt. I've accepted it.

I've watched the Santa Clause with Tim Allen every single day for the past week.

I eat Chevre cheese like it's my job.

I have a magnetic chip clip that haunts me. One day I accidentally baked it. Another day I found it on my car keys. The day after that, I found it at my desk at work. Yesterday, I found it in the pocket of a coat I haven't worn in weeks. It's seriously haunting me...

I'm a natural red head. As was the case when I was a child. But for some reason, red headed children terrify me. Red headed twins are the worst.

I want a dog that is big enough for me to potentially ride, if need be.

When I was in college, I had a fish named Kyle. Miss you, Kyle.

What makes you fairly awkward?


Julie said...

hahahaha I love your list!!! I hold my breath when people cough near me too.

hmmm...things that make me awkward...

I can not say caterpillar...I just can't. I always pronounce it callapitter..

My first crush was Indiana Jones...pretty much Harrison Ford..not Jonathon Taylor Thomas, Devin Sawa, or other teen heart throbs...an old man. But hey, he was also Han Solo! LOL

I talk to my cat in baby voices ALL DAY LONG.

I have a fear of driving. I'm 27 and don't have my driver's license..

Harmonicas really freak/gross me out...Every time I see anyone play one I can't help but think of how much spit is in it.

I better stop before my list take up the whole screen.

Grace said...

The haunting chip clip made me laugh out loud. The whistling murderer comes from the movie M! after I saw that movie, whistling freaked me out. I don't know how to ride a bike and I can't touch my toes but i'm short.
This list is a great idea, I think i need to do this list too. I'm quite possibly the most awkward person i know!

Niki said...

This post is so endearing, and it turns out we have a lot in common...

Touching toes: me neither until I started taking yoga 2 months ago. The first time I touched my toes in yoga class, I gasped so loud the teacher thought I hurt something.

Claymation: me too! And puppets. I can't watch anything with puppets.

Spelling: I constantly reverse the "i" before "e" rule. Theif, reciept, cieling...always spelled wrong.

Eating a food like it was my job: pickles.

And one of my own awkward habits...I talk to myself, like full blown conversations. I also have races in my head during mundane tasks, like brushing my teeth. to see if I can get it done faster.

It's fun being awkward.

jenn said...

This list is amazing! Way to be real : )

Oh, I know I'm awkward, so this should be fun:

My fingers are completely crooked and actually curve backwards when I try to straighten them.

Sometimes I take on people's accents around me, just subtly. They probably think I'm making fun of them. I hope not.

I play with my hair, especially when I'm upset.

Very often I respond inappropriately to people. When someone says something awful or really sad, I usually smile. If someone is talking to me, I usually don't respond, because I assume they're not; whereas when someone isn't talking to me, I tend to respond.

I could go on : )



meesch said...

These responses are seriously cracking me up! You guys are awesome and just as awkward as me!

Teresa said...

I share something with jenn:

I pick other people's accents and then start talking like them. Once we had an International Meeting in our Church (Taizé Meeting) and I picked the Latvian guys accent (they were staying in my house) and when I had to read in Church those who'd already listened me speaking in English thought I must be drunk as I slurred through words like the Latvian guys did :~... embarassing.

I can't ride a bike. Huge heartache as I'm the only one in the family who can't and when they try to teach me, things get messy and hurtful. Gave up!

I rub my hands when I'm nervous. Repeatedly and have people asking "Are you cold?".

And that's enough... for now.

Happy Season!

Nicole Marie said...

you can't ride a bike?!

i take all the cheese and toppings off my pizza. but pizza is still one of my favorite foods.

i only like to drink water out of clear glass cups.

i'm lactose intolerant. but only to milk. not ice cream or anything. i probably made that one up. but really milk makes my stomach upset.

and i just had a lot of fun thinking about all my awkward things

I am Megan said...

Hahaha! I just laughed so much! I also have a few weird irks here and there...its human!

Heather said...

haha! Awesome!

I also have nevered touched my toes (You got me by one inch...)

I treat my dog like he is my baby

I only drink water out of plastic cups

I always wear socks (except for in the shower)

I'm usually in bed by 9:30PM

The movie ET scares the sh*t out of me

Normal is boring :)

Merry Christmas dear!!!! XO

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