Smother Me in a MASSIVE Scarf This Winter...

I mistakenly wore a pencil skirt paired with a slouchy black short sleeved T shirt to work yesterday, and I was freezing the entire day. I was so cold that I made makeshift sleeves out of my scarf... I need to stop forgetting that I live in Wisconsin.

Last winter, I worked downtown Milwaukee, right on the lakefront... and I walked to work every day. 

Things you need to know about Milwaukee...

1. It's a wind tunnel.
2. It's runs along Lake Michigan, so it's windy.
3. The buildings downtown are very close together, so it's windy.
4. The buildings on the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus are very close together, so it's windy. {I can't lie to you, that was a major reason I transferred schools after my freshman year of college in Milwaukee... It was so cold and windy, I had no desire to go to class during the winter}
5. It snows a lot. and it's windy. 

Now, I don't mind the cold. It doesn't even get that cold here... well, I immediately rescind my previous statement by mentioning that Milwaukee is the second coldest major city in the United States, only behind Minneapolis. {thanks, Wikipedia} Regardless of the cold though, Milwaukee literally is the windiest city ever, which makes the cold so very frightful. {I'm listening to the Mariah Carey Christmas Album as I write this post... It's tainted my vocabulary}

So, since we only have a few more days of above 30 degree weather, I am in the market for a brand new, oversized, 'look like you can hardly breathe when you're wearing them', cable-knit scarf. Well, technically these are all 'snoods', but that word reminds me of the creepy man from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

{I included the last photo because it made me laugh, but I think I might be a bit serious about it now... you can never have too much scarf ; ) }

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heather said...

That last cowl is awesome! I could snuggle up in that right now!

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