My Weekend...

Overall, I had a great weekend. I spent time with my amazing friends and cranked out a ton of new recipes... all of which were completely unrelated to my Thanksgiving dinner menu. It's safe to say I'm going to be extremely busy in the kitchen this week as well... apparently prioritizing is not on my list of priorities. 

Throughout my busy, yet quite relaxing weekend, I discovered a few new things that I'm pretty excited about...

Have you ever been over to Une-Deux Senses? Michelle, who pens the blog, has amazing style, recipes and photos... her post this weekend, about her new favorite music, got me hooked on a new artist, Alex Clare. If you've ever heard of the dirty heads, you would like him. He's just very different than any artist I've heard and his voice is mesmerizing... I am officially an addict now.

Along with Alex Clare, I've also discovered Frank Ocean through Michelle's recommendations, and though I've not really heard a ton of his music yet, I have absolutely fallen smitten with this rendition of Coldplay's Strawberry Swing, which has been one of my favorite songs for years.

So there's the music I discovered this weekend! {Thank you Michelle of Une-deux senses, you have awesome taste!}

Aside from music, I've also discovered that I need a new hair stylist. I love the salon that I go to, I've been going there for years. However, I decided to book with a different stylist for a trim on Saturday morning... and this is what happened.... Now, I never wear my hair straightened, but I did going into the salon so that it would be easier for the stylist to see how my hair lays. Somehow... a trim turned into almost four inches off. I'm so upset about this because not only is it way shorter than it should be, it's also a ridiculously choppy cut. The closest comparison I can make is to an upside down three tier cake... or my little sister's shag haircut circa 1996. Looks like I'm going to be wearing my hair the exact same way every day for a few months until it grows out = (

After my whole haircut disaster, I got back in the kitchen, desperate to take my mind off of my whole salon debacle. Since I had recently purchased five pounds of apples {I'm not sure why, I fall victim to supply and demand way too often... throw a sale sign over a bushel of onions, I'll buy the whole thing... and I hate onions}, I decided I needed to incorporate apples into almost every recipe I tackled this weekend. In doing so, I've discovered that baked apples are absolutely sinful. Stuffed with maple honey oats? Simply to die for... I will be posting the recipe later this week, I promise!

Another thing that I've just discovered, is that the one and only thing I miss about my college bartending days, was eating copius amounts of olives while I worked. I've also just discovered that I'm a huge loser for realizing this, only because I'm currently watching Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs and I just saw an olive fall from the sky... I had the apartment to myself this weekend, and our TV has been permanently set to Cartoon Network. I am a huge nerd. 

Finally, the last thing I've discovered this weekend is that I get extremely uncomfortable when I watch live interviews on TV. Live interviews just make me extremely anxious and nervous... even though I'm well aware the interview, the interviewer and the interviewee all have absolutely nothing to do with me!



a cup of subtle tea said...

Overall it (I mean the baking) sounds like a great weekend!

I am so sorry you had a hair disaster! I have NEVER been able to find a hairdresser that perfectly fit me. I go extended periods without trims or visits because I have been hacked so many times. It may look like a three tiered cake but with it curly it looks great on you!

a cup of subtle tea

meesch said...

@a cup of subtle tea - thanks, Hannah! I baked so much this weekend, that I have enough recipe posts to last me a few weeks, that's a bit ridiculous, haha!

roha said...

thanks for sharing so many of your thoughts, that's so interesting!! :)
and don't worry about your haircut, you still look beautiful!!!
xx romi

Wren said...

I think your hair looks great. But for some reason it is always harder to style shorter hair. I'm so excited to see the recipes for those baked apples!!!

Marianna said...

I now the disaster haircut feeling. I totally understand!
xoxo, Marianna


Bonnie said...

You have absolutely lovely hair. Are those natural beachy waves?? They are perfect.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

meesch said...

@bonnie - oh I wish! my hair is naturally wavy, but in more of a 'did that girl forget to brush her hair this morning' kind of way... my curling iron is to thank for my waves = )

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