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Have you had the chance to visit Mr Taylor and his lady? It's one of my favorite blogs because TJ, who pens the blog, posts hilarious features like 'awkward and awesome thursdays' and 'here's to happiness' where she or guest bloggers list random things that make them happy... So to jump on the ridiculously awesome bandwagon that she has created;

here are ten things that are making me ridiculously happy this week:

-reaching the very end of a tube of lip balm. I feel accomplished and well moisturized.

-the five jars of peanut butter that now reside in my pantry. When I heard that the price of peanuts would soon skyrocket, I obviously had to stock up on peanut butter to get through the winter {much like that of a portly squirrel or chipmunk}. Funny thing about supply and demand... I don't even eat peanut butter.

-Tim Allen. Do you watch his new show on ABC? I can't lie, it could be better, but just to see Tim Allen back on TV makes my heart skip a beat. {I've had an unhealthy celebrity crush on Tim Allen since my youth... Jonathon Taylor Thomas? No thanks, I'm a Tim Allen kind of girl}


-the sound of leaf blowers. Thank you, next door neighbors...

-typing without even looking at the keyboard. I give myself a little wink and a nod if I can type for a substantial amount of time without glancing at the keyboard. And yes, I always make it a point to show off by trying to maintain eye contact with someone that's talking to me while I continue to type away.

-grocery stores. Yes, the whole process of getting to the grocery store and then unpacking once you get home is strenuous and less than desirable. But my time at the grocery store is much appreciated. You know that phrase, 'like a kid in a candy store'? I'm the kid, in the grocery store.

As a graphic designer, I appreciate product packaging and design not only for inspiration, but simply because I honestly appreciate it. Walking up and down grocery store aisles {especially the organic and specialty foods aisles} is comparable to Disney World for me. I just love grocery shopping.

{I just outed myself as a huge nerd to the whole world}

-the smell of unwashed, handpicked apples. Makes me proud of the strenuous effort I put forth in my apple picking process. Nothing like the smell of dirt, sweat and apples... {kidding} plus, it reminds me of the smell of library books.

-the massive Christmas 'creature' that now resides downtown, Milwaukee. Last week, Union Square was home to the Occupy Milwaukee Protests; This week, it is home to what I believe to be a large, red teddy bear? or a mouse... we'll never know.

-our neighborhood tiny horse. Yes, I'm serious. We have a neighborhood tiny horse and he makes me smile each and every day.

-White wine and ginger ale. I hate white wine. I like ginger ale. I'm fairly certain I've found a happy medium, and it's really good...

what ridiculous and random things are making you happy this week?


The Baker said...

All of these are awesome! The little pony is adorable! That would definitely make me smile.

Charlotte said...

I love that you bought peanut butter even though you don't eat peanut butter.. id definitely do that

Bubble My Licorice said...

tiny horse? :O *dyes*
so cute!

Lauren said...

Good packaging sways me everytime! And reaching the end of a lipbalm IS an accomplishment! When I first buy one I use it frantically so I can make my way to the end. Its crazy but its something I always strive to do!


Loulou said...

Awe so cute! I want a neighborhood tiny horse too!

Loulou @ Loulou Downtown

Marisa Midori said...

I feel the same way about grocery shopping! (Except I like unpacking the groceries when I get home because I usually forget a couple of things that I bought and then am happy all over again when I unpack them haha) I'll have to give this white wine and ginger ale thing a try. Ginger ale is my favourite soda. Wine not so much.

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