In My Purse...

Have you ever seen a magazine or blog feature where someone shares what's inside their purse and you think to yourself, 'wow, why can't my purse be that organized and full of great, expensive makeup products?'. Well, it's because no one's purse is actually that organized and full of great, expensive makeup products.

  liars! {just kidding} 

So, I'm going to be completely honest with you... with the exception of about $2.08 in pennies, 4235454 receipts and my cell phone, this is what's really inside my purse... and I've realized that I'm a bit ridiculous. I don't even know where that dice came from. {I would have used the correct term for a singular 'die' but I'm sure no one would have any idea what I'm talking about, since that's a really weird word to use in the context of what's in my purse...}

Peanut Butter. It's not even opened yet. I have no idea why it's in my purse.
An Apple. I have no idea how long that's been in my purse.
Amazing Cosmetics Blush. It seriously is amazing though {and super expensive...}, that's why it's in my purse... I probably should have opened it up so that you could see that it's neon pink... I call it my clown blush... But I love it.
The Body Shop Ananya Body Oil. My signature scent... I went to Subway for lunch. I smelled like a loaf of bread for the rest of the day. Is this an issue for anyone else or is it literally just me? One of my biggest pet peaves in college was when someone would show up to an afternoon lecture and you could tell they had been to Subway that day... they just reeked of $5 foot longs.
A silver sharpie. I have no idea why I even have this, it's silver... it makes no sense.
Aveda Control Paste. I don't go anywhere without this. If you have naturally curly hair, like myself, this is an absolute must for midwest humidity.
My less-than-stellar digital camera. This is the one I take with me when I go out with friends... it's a terrible camera though so I'm not even sure why I bring it anywhere.
A Kit Kat Bar. A mini, left over from halloween... I didn't know it was in my purse till I took this picture... safe to say it's gone now.
My iPod shuffle. A requirement for my workouts.
My blog business cards.
A dice. Can't really explain this one...
Theraflu. Apple Cinnamon flavored... I have three more back-up boxes stashed away in my apartment. I may have a Theraflu addiction.
My wristlet/wallet. It's full of hair ties and bobby pins... and my drivers license. My credit cards should be in there, but for some reason, they're not. I should be concerned, but right now, all I have are kit kats on the mind.
My new Neutragena Hair Treatment. This is only in my purse because I bought it today... and I'm pretty excited to use it because I seriously burnt the hell out of my hair the other day with my flat iron. I should just go GI Jane and chop it all off, but where there's a will, there's a way. ***update: used this for the first time, it's amazing.
My massive planner. I can't go anywhere without this. I'm a traditional girl, I need a pen and paper and a massive leather bound planner to schedule my daily life.

***Side note: I also had a bottle of barbecue sauce in my purse that I very intelligently decided not to include in this photo in fear that it would ruin my street cred. In my defense, I bought barbecue sauce for a baked chicken recipe I made for dinner tonight... I don't carry it around with me just in case I need barbecue sauce at a moment's notice or anything, but I probably should...


vanessa (the gal) said...

the peanut butter and the dice are the best ones FOR SURE! love this post!
have a great weekend!

xo- vanessa (the gal)


heather said...

AT first glance I thought the die was really weird, but a jar of PB took first place! :-)

Julie said...

haha jar of peanut butter and BBQ sauce....awesome! Apple slices with peanut butter on them are amazing, for the record! LOL I have the most random stuff in my purse too! You can definitely tell if I was basysitting recently because I will have a half eaten cookies or cake shoved in my purse. Always makes for a nice surprise! lol


Charlotte said...

i love this, ive been looking at these whats in my bag posts too, and thinking that the contents of mine are far too scary to post

thanks for being so honest and making me feel better about mine, i dont have peanut butter, but i do for some reason have those tiny milk cartons you get on trains and the like..


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