Renovated Warehouses...

I have been dreaming of living in an old firehouse loft since my kindergarten class took a field trip to an old Chicago Firehouse {imagine all the other kids running around in awe of the fire pole and big red fire truck... and then there's me, making CAD drawings in my head and planning where my future track lighting will hang. And yes, I'm serious}. There's so much personality to a re-purposed space. Much like old, 'potentially' haunted homes {I'm convinced that every home built before 1970 is haunted... which is what you get when you've seen every scary movie ever made}, you can't help but wonder about the life that lived within those walls before you.

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dana @ wonder forest said...

i looooove old homes... so much character that you just don't see in newer homes!
these photos are to die for! I would love to own one :)
xo dana

Jessica Sian said...

Oh man, all that exposed brick makes my heart skip a beat ...

ali said...

High ceilings and interior brick walls = harmony.

Tulips & Tulle said...

I love the industrial look!


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