Iron Cupcake Competition {Late Summer Fruit Challenge}

Remember a few weeks ago when I did the Iron Cupcake challenge? Well, I posted my recipe for the challenge here, but I wrote all about the event over here!

Hannah over at A Cup of Subtle Tea and I got talking about my Iron Cupcake Competition and it turns out, she had never heard of it before! So, after my hectic day of competition {...baking and frosting 240 cupcakes in a matter of hours... not to mention my attempt to make raspberry and peach swiss meringue resulted in five disaster batches of frosting before I settled on a last minute buttercream}, I decided to write up my Iron Cupcake Competition post for all of Hannah's lovely readers.

Make sure to check out my post over at Hannah's blog, A Cup of Subtle Tea!


dana @ wonder forest said...

mm so many cupcakes :)
i haven't heard of this before. I'm going to check our your guest post!
xo dana

Logan said...

Great review of IC! So when is someone going to organize Iron Cupcake MKE?

meesch said...

@logan - unfortunately, Sandy Ploy {the mastermind behind Iron Cupcake} no longer does competitions in Milwaukee, which I was so sad about! Oh well, Madison isn't TOO far away ; )

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