In need of a staycation...

The other week was a very rough week for me. It was one of those weeks where you couldn't help but sit back, assess the situation at hand, laugh and say, 'seriously?!'. That week literally wore me out... I was so tired. The cure to my stress was absolutely a vacation.

It got me thinking though, I don't even like vacations! I know that may sound absurd, but when all is said and done, I always need a vacation from my vacation. I pack, I fly, I arrive... and then I'm either overbooked or bored. I suppose my vacations over the past few years have all had a purpose though, mostly to visit family or friends. Maybe that is why I'm so sour about vacations; none of my vacations have ever really been on my own time, they are always on someone else's schedule. Even so, it's nearly impossible for me to genuinely relax when I'm outside my own personal environment.

{above. Universal Studios-Orlando, Fl / below. Mayport Naval Air Station-Jacksonville, FL}

The last vacation I really appreciated and seriously enjoyed was to Fort Sam Houston Army Base in San Antonio, Texas. It wasn't the place that I remember, but the easy going company that I was with. There was no rush, no schedule, no drama, it was just a great, carefree vacation... and it was only three days, the perfect vacation for me.

To be honest, I think that I value working, my routine and my city to really appreciate a vacation away from it. I'm more of a 'staycation' girl... Give me a day off, a cup of frozen yogurt and a bicycle and I can entertain myself in my city forever... who am I kidding, I don't even know how to ride a bike {it sounded like the more romantic of transportation options for getting around the city!}.

What is your perfect vacation... Staycation or faraway destination?


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