I am in desperate need of curtains...

My apartment building is on a street corner, as is my bedroom. This means that I have the light of two separate street lights shining in on me while I'm trying to sleep. Of the two windows in my bedroom, one is a normal, standard sized window, while the other is unnecessarily large for such a small room. In order to hang curtains from the large window, I would need to have a custom curtain rod made, along with excessive amounts of fabric...

So, until I decide to customize my massive window, I will continue to spend night after night falling asleep to what feels like 4535 night-lights in my bedroom {did I also mention that my bedroom is on the second floor? my windows line right up to the top of the street lights... so bright... so very bright}.

This is what I dream of, night after night... huge, thick, plush, gathered-up-on-the-floor, light blocking curtains...

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Ly said...

I love all your picks. My favorite has to be the bluish one with the beautiful detailing on it.



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