A day at the beach...

Saturday morning found me exploring Milwaukee, once again. I made my way down to Bradford Beach, clad in boots, a hat and a winter scarf. Though it was chilly, there were hardly any clouds in the sky. The sun was nice and warm and made for a gorgeous fall day.

I ended up 'hiking' my way up a hill that, from the bottom, didn't look that challenging. My little off-roading adventure left me covered in burrs and dirt, but I ended up stumbling upon the North Point Lighthouse once I finally reached the top. I drove past the lighthouse all the time when I first moved to Milwaukee for my undergrad, but I had never taken the time to stop and really take it all in...


a cup of subtle tea said...

This looks so pretty! I get to visit Virginia Beach this week and I am super excited!

Fall beach trips are the best :)

a cup of subtle tea

Alex said...

These photographs are awesome. Kudos.

XO alex


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