Classy Girl Cupcakes...

It's been a few weeks since I've fed my sweet tooth. Yesterday however, I gave in to my addiction. I made a stop at one of my favorite Milwaukee cupcakeries, Classy Girl Cupcakes, and tried out their new caramel apple cupcake.

The cake was noticeably dense, but not dry. My first bite exposed a chunk of apple, but I'm pretty sure that first bite was the only one that contained any apple. Even then, it was only the texture of the apple that I noticed, not the taste. To be honest, I didn't taste any apple in this cupcake whatsoever, but it was still very good.

The cake tasted exactly like pancakes to me. Not sweet pancakes mind you, but legitimate, pancake batter pancakes. The frosting was a sweet caramel buttercream that was absolutely delicious but tasted a bit like maple to me... the cupcake tasted nothing like caramel apple, but exactly like pancakes, maple syrup and butter. This cupcake was delicious... as a pancake and syrup cupcake! I just think calling it a 'caramel apple cupcake' is a bit of a stretch... No matter, Classy Girl Cupcakes can do no wrong in my book... the owners are adorable and so friendly and they've perfected the 'frosting : cake' ratio, perfectly. I've yet to have a cupcake that I really dislike from this cupcakery.

Next time you're in the Milwaukee area, make sure to stop by Classy Girl Cupcakes and say hello to Sara and Erica!


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