Beautiful beds for beautiful dreams...

My bed is plain and boring. I don't have an eccentric headboard {in fact, I don't even have a headboard at all} or a beautiful multicolored bedspread handwoven by Gianni Versace himself. My sheets are 500 thread count Egyptian cotton and my bedspread is a black sateen down comforter that was my first big purchase in an effort to make a pretty shifty college apartment, a home {$500 for a comforter is quite the extravagant buy for a 21 year old}. 

So here's to nights of whimsical dreams and mornings you may actually be excited about ...

{at least I would be excited if I were to wake up in a rowboat bed...}

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Ly said...

I love canopies! All these pictures are gorgeous.


The Baker said...

All of these beds look so comfy!

Amy@SpeckledOwlandFox said...

I love the pictures!

JustPatience said...

Beautiful beds. I am sure I will have out of this world dream sleeping in this.


Alex said...

I love this post. I know what you mean about there being nothing exciting about your bed. The best thing about my bed is my tempurpedic pillow, but it's nothing to write home about ;)

Thanks for sharing some cool pics!
xo alex

Heather said...

Fabulous images... now I think my bed is boring too :)


Georgia said...

oh my gosh... those are amazing!

Englander Line said...

Nice images. Its amazing !! Specially the last beautiful beds. I want to make this type of bed for my bedrooms.

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