Soothing blue...

When I was little, my mom let my sister and I paint our own walls. My mother, the interior designer, told us to pick a bright, cheery color, because your walls are the first thing you see when you wake up every morning. I had a light blue carpet in my bedroom at the time, so I chose to paint my walls white {seriously? what little kid chooses white when they have every color in the world to choose from?! I suppose that explains why my entire wardrobe is either black, white or gray... this post has just made me realize that I am rather boring...}. My sister on the other hand, had a dark green carpet {if i'm not mistaken, we picked out our carpet colors as well...} and ended up choosing a bright yellow paint for her walls. It was horrible...it looked like a rainforest cafe hack job, not to mention she had an all white bedroom set.

Disregarding my mother's advice however, I have come to the opinion that blue walls are a phenomenal idea for the home. They create a sense of calm and serenity, and doesn't everyone want that in their home?

{i'm seriously cringing at the memory of my little sister's room...}

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{via princess anne county}
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Ly said...

These wall colors are so pretty! I wish I could paint my walls...landlords tend to not like that very much haha


Jessica Wray said...

I have always wanted blue walls! All those pictures you posted are wonderful.

great blog :)


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