Packaging Spotlight {Creencias Organic Tequila}

I'm a sucker for good product packaging... I was the kid that picked my cereal based on the prettiest box, my library books based on the most eye-catching covers and to this day, I still judge the quality of a product based on the quality of the label { I know, I know...}.

When I found this packaging for Creencias Organic Tequila, I fell in love. I feel as if the label was designed by Jimmy Buffett and handwritten by Ernest Hemingway... It puts me in Key West, sitting on a creeky old porch, overlooking the ocean...

{if I drank tequila, I would drink you, beautiful bottle of Creencias Tequila}

{photos via the dieline}


George | Letterhead Design said...

This looks interesting to try. One thing I like on this tequila is it's clear bottle which makes it beautiful. I wonder what does it taste?

Joel Gutiérrez said...

If you liked Creencias Organic Tequila´s packaging, feel free to browse our blog.

Along with this project we´ve made several other branding and advertising works.

Greetings from Guadalajara, México.
YuJo! Creatividad Aplicada

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