The good, the bad and the cupcake...

The other day, I stopped by the Milwaukee Cupcake Company for my mini cupcake fix. I ended up choosing their new pumpkin spice cupcake and I was so seriously smitten that I had to go back this week for round two. 

The cake is a buttery pumpkin cake that isn't too rich or dense like most pumpkin cupcakes I've had tend to be. The frosting is what completely sold me though. It was a rich, spiced cream cheese frosting with what tasted like nutmeg, cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. Every flavor just exploded, none too overpowering or sweet. The whole cupcake was such a delight {i seriously considered writing 'afternoon delight', but quickly deemed that a bad idea...}. The only thing I didn't understand about this presentation was the phyllo dough garnish, I just feel that it had nothing to do with the cupcake concept or flavor... no matter though, the cupcake was still superb.

The second mini cupcake I chose {because two minis equal one normal-sized cupcake, of course!} was the chocolate pretzel cupcake. I was really excited about this cupcake, but ended up a bit confused by it all.

The actual cake had what seemed like bits of chocolate chunk or brownie as well as bits of pretzel baked in. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that pretzels should never be used in the baking process... they get soft and rather unappealing in taste and texture. Aside from the pretzels baked inside, the cake still had a strange texture to it. After my first bite, I had one of those, quick-someone-get-me-a-glass-of-milk, kind of moments {even though I don't drink milk, I desperately needed some at this point...}. It was as if I had just stuffed a spoonful of peanut butter in my mouth, it was just odd. 

This was one of those cupcakes that I only remember the negatives about... Aside from looking at the photo I took, I have no idea what kind of frosting this cupcake had because I was so focused on my confusion...

So as you can see, my trip to the Milwaukee Cupcake Company resulted in the good and the bad of the cupcake world... 

{but that pumpkin cupcake was so, sooooo good}


Sarah said...

These cupcakes look delicious and are making me crave something sweet. They look a bit like the ones I saw in Lola's in Selfridges.



Marisa Midori said...

Where is this Milwaukee Cupcake Company and why have I never been there?

meesch said...

@marisa - it's in the third ward on Milwaukee St, next to Coquette! Classy Girl Cupcake is another love of mine - they're over on Jefferson by Ella's = )

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