yummy cupcakes...

cupcakes in a jar from yummycupcakes.com

apparently, today is cupcake tuesday!
... and time to go to the gym. 

leen, a great friend of mine, told me about these 'cupcakes in a jar' that she saw on the rachel ray show. first of all, i think the concept of a pre-made cupcake in a jar is adorable, like a little personal trifle. then i went to the yummy cupcakes site and read their about me and their menu... well, here are some of their flavor combinations, so i'll let you judge for yourself...

  • maker's mark bourbon apple pie
  • spicy chocolate bacon
  • pancakes and bacon
  • pepper and salty sweet
  • 7up
  • apple blue cheese
  • apple cheddar pie
  • arnold palmer
  • black bean
  • bloody mary
  • buttered popcorn
  • english breakfast tea time
  • farmers market
  • fuzzy navel
  • green tea wasabi
  • gumball
  • honey mustard
  • lemon pinot grigio
  • lemon tobasco
  • lucky charms
  • maple gingerbread
  • peanut butter and honey sandwich
  • shirley temple
  • sour patch kids
  • southern honey bbq
  • tomato soup cake
  • turkey gravy cranberry

...yes, those are cupcake flavors

not only do they offer the crazy and amazing flavors listed above, but they've also created cupcake pie, cupcake biscotti, cupcake in a jar, mini cupcake bites, cupcakes on a stick and cupcake truffles. they're located out in burbank, santa monica and brentwood, california, so if anyone lives out there, i would appreciate a sample of each and every one of their 299 (...and growing) cupcake flavors.

...who's up for a california road trip?


Anonymous said...

MMMmmmmmm I think I'll order some :) :) :)

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