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yesterday, i stopped by the benelux cafe for a late lunch. i ended up ordering a sampling of beers, one of which was the hoegaarden original white ale. the beer {and i am in no way a beer connoisseur; mgd 64 and miller lite are generally my beers of choice!}was in fact very light, but also had a very distinct taste of basil to it. so after a bit of research, here are some other unique beers with interesting flavors to them...

{via wells and youngs}
according to wells and youngs, this beer offers "tempting banoffee aromas tempered by a grassy, lemony nose all leading to a finely balanced, fresh, delicate flavour of peppery hops with a lingering dry finish".

{via cigar city brewing}
the maduro oatmeal raisin cookie brown ale is made with raisins, vanilla beans and cinnamon. this spice beer is actually ranked as one of the best brown ales in the world.  
{via southern tier brewing}
southern tier's creme brulee stout is an imperial milk stout with flavors of roasted espresso and burnt malt with a finish of vanilla and caramel.

{via fantome}
fantome's saison is a belgium famrhouse ale that is apparently, "Slightly sour. Dirty basement, horse blanket, and stale weed. Oddly sweet. Something like grapefruit and must (as in musty) play through. Super complex. Apple cider. The horse blanket really works with the light sourness and the damp earthiness. Everything going on is present and assertive, but nothing dominates. So very delicious." {via beer advocate}

{...that description was too great to pass up}

{via schlenkerla}
aecht schlenkerla rauchbier marzen is a german beer that smells like a smoky barbecue and tastes like leatherm char and hickory smoke.  
{via cave creek breweing}
cave creek's chili beer is a hot serrano chili pepper beer that is said to taste like pickled jalapeno juice and stale corn.

{via short's brewing co.}
short's brewing key lime pie beer tastes like graham crackers and marshmallows with a hint of citrus. Extremely sweet and effervescent.

{via mamma mia pizza beer}
mamma mia's pizza beer was created using fresh tomatoes, garlic, oregano and basil in the mash and hops processes.

{via peak brewing}
peak organic's espresso amber ale is a red ale with a coffee and caramel aroma and bitter caramel, coffee and cocoa flavor.   

Have you tried these or any other extremely unique flavored beers?


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