to find eternal love...

I found this photo on pinterest yesterday of the lovers bridge in paris. lovers from all over the world come to the pont des arts bridge with padlocks to 'lock up their love' and then throw the key into the seine river below. it's all so blissfully romantic that it got me thinking about other romantic superstitious traditions across the world...
{the lovers bridge, paris}
{el beso, lima, peru}
every year, the mayor of this local district in lima, peru, holds a kissing contest. contestants must hold the identical pose of the statue and whoever can hold the pose the longest, wins.

{casa di giulietta, italy}
for hundreds of years, the house of juliet, in verona italy, has been a destination for hopeless romantics in search of everlasting love. tradition states that if you write both your name and your lovers name on the wall, your love will be forever. many people also believe that if you write a love letter and leave it on the wall, love will find you. 

{trevi fountain, rome}
many hopeless romantics believe that those who throw a coin into the trevi fountain will bring them good luck in love. if two coins are thrown, it will lead to a new romance and if three coins are thrown, it will lead to marriage or divorce. 

however, legend has it that if you turn away from the fountain and throw a coin over your shoulder and into the water, you will someday find your way back to rome.
{the standing stones of stenhouse, orkney islands, scotland}
according to custom, a couple that wants to find eternal love is to join hands through a hole in one of the stones. this promise of eternal love is called the promise of odin.

{pont-marie bridge, paris}
local legend has it that if you kiss your lover underneath the pont-marie bridge in paris, france, you will find eternal love.
{bridge of sighs, venice}
legend has it that if you kiss your lover in a gondola underneath the bridge at sunset, you will find everlasting love and happiness.


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