sweet & sour...

this past weekend, at my friends wedding, she had a very extensive 'candy bar'. there was toffee, caramels, lemonheads, sour patch kids, nerds ropes, reeses peanut butter cups, malted milk balls, peppermint bark, chocolate bark, gummy cherries, cookies and creme bits, rock candy, pop rocks, york peppermint patties and so much more, all in cute glass penny candy jars. the thing was, when the reception was over, all the left over candy went to the bridal party.

since i have no intention of downing three pounds of sour patch kids, i turned my three pound wedding favor into a fun windowsill decoration... everything looks so much better in a mason jar.


Anonymous said...

Such a cute idea. How long until they are all empty?!

meesch said...

i sealed these guys SHUT. i think my dignity would take a huge hit if these ended up empty

Anonymous said...

AW i love it :) :) Great idea!!! - Leen

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