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today, my good friend kat and i had lunch at the stack'd burger bar in the third ward. i've always wanted to go there {even though i don't eat burgers} because it looks so fun and eclectic. today is a gorgeous day in milwaukee so we wanted to dine outdoors and it seemed a perfect time to try out the burger bar.

the atmosphere is extremely casual, a 'seat yourself' kind of place. the patio has always been intriguing to me because it shares a sidewalk with alterra, and alterra's in milwaukee are known for their awesome outdoor patios. 

since stack'd is a trendy burger bar, their menu is slightly avant garde and uses more of a design-your-own-meal approach {view their menu here}. 

pictured above is the roman stack with chicken: crisp romaine hearts, diced tomatoes, wisconsin parmesan, home-made caeser dressing, garlic croutons and tender white meat chicken. 

the home-made caeser dressing was delicious, very light but still full of flavor. it wasn't at all garlicy like some caeser dressings tend to be, and tasted almost like a combination of italian dressing and caeser dressing. 

i ended up ordering the portabella sandwich {technically called the portabella burger}. it was a portabella mushroom cap covered with bleu cheese crumbles, jalapeno peppers, lettuce and tomato on a traditional burger bun {they had texas toast, pretzel rolls and gluten free rolls available as choices as well}. the burger was served with two fried pickles and a side of fresh fruit.

generally, i love jalapeno peppers, and i tend to order them on everything, but these jalapeno peppers were full of seeds {the part of the pepper with the 'kick'} and ultimately way too spicy for me to handle. setting aside the fact that apparently, i'm not as tough in the spicy department as i originally thought, the sandwich was delicious. every bite tasted of bleu cheese, but not too much where it was overwhelming. 

i would definitely recommend stack'd burger bar for their menu and patio. however, if you're on a time crunch during the work day, stay away. the service, albeit wonderful in all other regards, was rather slow considering the spot wasn't exactly packed.   


lamina said...

the meal seems Turkish kebap, ı feel hungry :) ıt s a good blog, ı love it,muckk


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