spectacular tree homes...

Like most kids, I spent pretty much my entire childhood outdoors. Most of the pictures I have from my youth are of me playing in a tree... and most of the scars I have from my youth are from me falling out of those trees... 

As a reflection of my affinity for the trees I spent so much time in during my younger years {I seem to have lost my climbing skills over the years, who knew...}, here is a collection of my future home prospects...

{via hang nga}
{via saunders farm}
{via the folly fancier}

{via the folly fancier}
{via the painted rabbit}
{via dornob}


Katie @ ktmade blog said...

Oh, I love the inside of that treehouse from the painted rabbit. So whimsical! I loved the idea of living in a treehouse, or just a tree!, when I was a kid. I read this book, My Side of the Mountain, about a kid who lived inside a redwood tree. I wanted that more than anything, and I was so disappointed that we didn't have giant trees like that on the East Coast! :)

Sara Campbell said...

Wow, so unique! The final picture reminds me of the movie "Where the Wild Things Are".
Sara Campbell Blog

meesch said...

@sara - absolutely! when I was on my search for the perfect tree homes, I had 'where the wild things are' and 'winnie the pooh' in mind ; )

Anastasia said...

when i grow up i am going to live in a tree house. These are SO amazing <3

ugly plants

Marisa Midori said...

These are amazing. I always wanted a tree house when I was a kid. Now I want a tree home haha

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