soups on...

today, my good friend kat and i had lunch at a little third ward cafe called soups on. they're only open during the breakfast and lunchtime hours, so they offer items like pastries, bagels, cold sandwiches, salads and soups.

soups on's featured soups today were spiced lentil, cheesy broccoli, chicken noodle and big jim's chili. kat had been raving about their soups for weeks, but from first glance, their limited soup offerings left me less than impressed.

 we both ended up ordering the spiced lentil soup (vegan) with toasted coconut, cilantro, lime and scallions. it was served with a piece of flax bread and looked absolutely delicious... and absolutely delicious it was.

the soup was thick and sweet. i generally don't like the taste of cilantro but it worked really well in this. the toasted coconut absolutely finished the dish off though... it was crunchy and gave the already dense soup even more texture while adding a very unique and sweet taste to a legume based soup. 



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