rueben pie from a.j. o'brady's
irish nachos from a.j. o'brady's

this afternoon, we visited a.j. o'brady's in menomonee falls, wis. it was a unique little irish pub and grill with a very isish menu offering. aside from the guinness, jameson and baileys, we ordered the irish nachos (which could also be referred to as the rueben nachos) and the rueben pie. as you might have figured out, i really, really like ruebens... BUT it has to be a good rueben, with thin-cut corned beef... i feel that thick-cut corned beef ruins the sandwich all together.

the irish nachos were interesting. the nachos consisted of guinness cheese sauce, banana peppers, black olives, corned beef, tomatoes and irish creme fraiche all topped on a bed of thick-cut waffle fries. now, i had no idea the cheese sauce was guinness flavored until i read the menu afterwards... to me, it tasted like basic spicy nacho sauce (which i don't necessarily care for). the corned beef, irish creme fraiche and waffle fry combination was great though. i think maybe next time, i'd do without the guinness cheese sauce.

the rueben pie on the other hand, was awesome. slow roasted, thin-cut corned beef, rueben sauce and sauerkraut over a phyllo dough pillow and covered in swiss cheese. now, according to their menu, there were marble rye croutons, but i don't recall seeing anything of the sort. none the less... it literally was a rueben pie. very delicious... i think i may have 'out-ruebened' myself today though.


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