a pina colada cupcake...

this afternoon, i stopped by one of my favorite cupcakeries, classy girl cupcakes. i've been on a cupcake-free streak for over a week now {i usually allow myself one cupcake per week}, but it seemed fitting to end that streak today. 

pictured above is the pina colada cupcake. it's a basic yellow cake with what i assume is coconut pineapple frosting and topped off with shredded coconut. i've had this cupcake before, but from what i remember, it was an extremely moist cake baked with pineapple juice into it. this time, the cake was a plain yellow cake that was not sweet at all {in fact, the flavor of the cake almost resembled cornbread}. i loved the way they used to make this cupcake, but i can't complain about the new change however, because the unique flavor of the frosting is all that you could taste with every bite. I like this one, classy girl cupcakes, but bring back the old recipe!


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