a not so perfect cupcake...

rocky road mini from milwaukee cupcake company
peanut butter cup mini from milwaukee cupcake company

it's a sad day when i find a cupcake i'm not exactly crazy for...

when milwaukee cupcake company opened, they were the first cupcakery in milwaukee, so i obviously went and purchased every single flavor to bring home to my friends. after testing pretty much everything the cupcakery had to offer, we found that the flavor combinations were fun and unique and we thought that it was pretty cool that each cupcake is named after a different neighborhood in milwaukee. however, it was pretty hit or miss with the cupcakes. some were amazing while some fell flat. now, i have to mention that it's not for a lack of creativity, flavor combination or design... milwaukee cupcake company has accomplished those three cupcake requirements perfectly. 

my issue with the cupcakes is that the cake tends to be dry and dense and the frosting tends to be so sugary that my head and throat actually hurt after one bite. if only the cake was lighter and fluffier and they used maybe half the amount of frosting per cupcake... they would be a huge hit with me.

today i tried out the rocky road mini and the peanut butter cup mini. i was impressed with the lightness of the cake for today's trip, but the frosting was wayyyyyyy too much. don't get me wrong, the frosting tasted great! i would just rather not have to take advil after my each bite. honestly, i wish that i could go on to describe the flavors of each cupcake, but with each bite, i could not get past the thought of taking a nap post sugar rush.

...ice water? check. advil? check. nap time? that's gonna have to wait...


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