my DIY Inspiration board...

 I've always wanted an inspiration board for my bedroom. Something that when I wake up, not only holds all the items that I am inspired by, but is also beautiful enough to inspire me all on it's own. 

I've been in search of the perfect vintage frame for months. I've looked at flea markets, antique shops, craft stores... for the size that I wanted, I wasn't finding anything under $300 {I wanted this project to be as inexpensive as possible}. I ended up finding this old, unused vintage frame in my parents garage... I'm not sure why I didn't think to start my search there months ago...


The frame is a heavy 32" x 40", which is an odd size when it comes to this type of project. In an ideal world, I would have just purchased a 3/8" thick cork panel, nailed it to the frame and been done with it... however, cork panels only come {at least everywhere that I searched} in  24" x 36", which was too small for my frame. Small cork panels could have been another option, coming in at 12" x 12", but I still would have had to seam the panels together {and no one likes an unsightly seam}. My best option was to purchase a 24" x 48" roll of 5/32" thin cork and seam it together the best i could.

Armed with spray adhesive, a scissors, a roll of cork, an absolutely massive thick white poster board, a razor and a hammer and nails, i glued a piece of cork down the middle of the poster board. Once I had the middle section of cork centered, i took the remaining cork and seamed it to each side of the poster board. For extra adhesive security, spray both the poster board and the back side of the cork, let dry a few seconds {until tacky} before bonding the surfaces.

While the cork bonded to the poster board, i started on re-positioning the hanging wire on the frame. Initially, the frame was meant to be hung horizontally, but I wanted my inspiration board to be hung vertically. I cut the wire, unscrewed the fastener from one side of the frame and then screwed it into the other side of the frame. Make sure to secure the wire to the newly positioned fastener by wrapping the wire around the fastener twice, and then wrapping the remaining wire around itself until there is no wire slack left.

Once your wire and fasteners are positioned to your liking, place the cork/poster board upside down against the back of the frame. Since my board was larger than my frame, i took a razor {or box cutter} and scored the edges of the board about three times each. Make sure not to bend the board as cork this thin easily tears. I ended up scoring through the board a few times until it cut completely through.

Once your cork/poster board has been cut to size, spray the back of the frame with your spray adhesive and secure the cork. For extra security, I fastened the board to the frame with eight small nails.

I had a collection of advertisements, graphic designs and furniture that i was so excited to display on my new inspiration board... somehow I didn't realize my collection was so small! Time to go and search out more inspiration for my new board...


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