mazel tov...

a beautiful weekend.

this past weekend, i was in my good friends wedding at whistling straits in sheboygan, wis. the golf course was absolutely breathtaking and made for an amazing ceremony and reception. the weather, although reported rain, was perfect come saturday evening. the ceremony was in a tent on the course and the reception was in the barn next to the whistling straits club house. it was so beautiful and i was so lucky and honored to be able to be a part of this amazing affair.

i stayed at the inn on woodlake on thursday night and saturday night (a part of the kohler company) which was beautiful (and completely outfitted with the most amazing kohler bathrooms!). everything in kohler is owned by the kohler company and is absolutely picturesque. the town is straight out of a magazine, perfectly landscaped. 

the rehearsal dinner took place at the blackwolf run, which along with whistling straits, is one of the nation's top golf courses. after dinner, we had drinks at the horse and plow at the american club. it was the night before the wedding, so staying true to the tradition of keeping the groom from seeing the bride until the ceremony, i stayed with her in the absolutely amazing herbert kohler suite at the american club. the room in itself was one of my breathtaking moments of the weekend. the suite was covered in mahogany wood trim and furniture with a gorgeous fireplace in the living room and early 1900's portraits on the walls. 

come time for the ceremony, the bride's cousins played the guitar and sang while we all walked down the aisle (the bridal party walked down to an acoustic version of 'here comes the sun', such a great song to have at a ceremony!). whenever a bride walks down the aisle, i always watch the groom to see his reaction... he literally turned his head away till the moment she was at the end of the aisle and ready to have her dad walk her down to him. it was absolutely precious, and of course, i cried like a baby. (sorry for the photos of the ceremony leen, i'm not the most graceful crier!)

the reception was the most fun i've had in a long time. we danced the hardest we have ever danced (my night ended with a broken dress strap and broken shoes, so it's safe to say i had fun!). hands down, the best part of the reception was when the brides extended family took the microphone and sang a surprise rendition of 'somebody to love'... at which time the bride took center stage and did an inpromptu (and extremely theatrical... not at all out of the ordinary for the bride) song and dance along with them. the groom picked her up and twirled her around the dance floor in her dress while she belted out the final notes of the song... it made for an absolutely amazing and perfect moment.

all in all, the weekend was just beautiful. there was so much fun, so many happy tears and so many friends and family all together, in one place. i can honestly say that's my favorite thing about weddings and pre-wedding events; being able to be in the same room with all your friends and family... there's so much love in celebration. i love my friends and i loved this weekend.

congratulations to my amazing friend and her new husband. you two are sickeningly perfect for each other...

mazel tov!


Anonymous said...

AWWW I LOVE THIS :) :) :) Excellent post & love the pics! I will send you your other AMAZING pics you took with my camera ASAP! love you friend!

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