a local, sustainable, punk rock bakery...

a good friend of mine sent me these photos from her trip to bleeding heart bakery on belmont in chicago. not only does the banana walnut muffin she got look amazing, but after exploring their website, thebleedingheartbakery.com, i cannot wait to take a trip there myself!

their website describes them as a local, sustainable, punk rock bakery with two locations on belmont avenue in chicago and right outside of chicago in oak park. 

here are some of their cupcake flavors...

Veruca Salt
Jelly Doughnut
Strawberry Rhubarb
Coffee and a Cigarette
Fresh Corn with Maple Whipped Buttercream
Carrot Cake with Apricot Jam and Dark Chocolate Ganache

has anyone else been to the bleeding heart bakery?

{thanks for the photos, leen!}


Anonymous said...

Delicious & totally awesome decor as well!! Not to mention free street parking which is rare to come across in the dirty IL!!

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