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I've declared Thursday to be my cupcake day. I have also decided that two mini cupcakes are the same amount of calories as a regular sized cupcake {hey, let a girl dream...}. So today, i stopped by the Milwaukee Cupcake Company for some mini's. 

The last time i had a cupcake from the milwaukee cupcake company, the frosting was so insanely sweet that i had to take advil post cupcake. I decided to give them a second chance however, and I'm glad I did.

Today, i went with a pink champagne mini cupcake and a vanilla caramel godiva cupcake.

Pictured below is the vanilla caramel godiva cupcake. it was a vanilla cake filled with a gooey caramel center and caramel godiva infused buttercream frosting. I can't really put my finger on the familiar flavor i tasted after biting into this cake... it was almost like a combination of a twix bar, a whatchamacalit bar and a shortbread cookie. The cake was not sweet at all, it tasted very much like shortbread or cornbread. The frosting however, was very sweet, but not insanely sweet like my previous experience at Milwaukee Cupcake Company. The frosting had a bit of caramel flavor to it, but for the most part, you taste the very distinct godiva liquor flavor. paired with the gooey caramel center and the buttery flavor of the cake, i was very pleased with my choice in this cupcake.

My second cupcake of the day {a mini cupcake mind you} was the pink champagne cupcake. This flavor is a specialty flavor that the Milwaukee Cupcake Company brings out every now and then, mainly for special events in the area. I've had this cupcake before and I've always really liked it, so I decided to play it safe with this one.

The cupcake is a basic vanilla cake with pink champagne frosting and drizzled with white chocolate. the frosting tasted almost like it had the tiniest hint of grapefruit, lemon and peach with tons and tons of sugar. I like this cupcake, but i wonder if they could add a hint of fizz to make the champagne flavor really pop? I'm not really sure how it's done, but I had a root beer float cupcake once that actually did that. somehow, the cupcakery baked in the 'fizz' and it hit my palette like i was drinking actual carbonated root beer, it was so interesting!


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