deep fried butter...

no, i did not eat deep fried butter...

BUT a friend of mine went to the opening night of wisconsin state fair last thursday and tried the newest 'creation' from the machine shed restaurant, deep fried butter.

the culinary 'treat' is offered up for the first time this year by the machine shed restaurant and apparently features a won ton like fried shell, sprinkled with powdered sugar and full of hot, melted butter... all deep fried. 

when i looked up the recipe for deep fried butter online (if only to see what the appeal would be), many of the recipes had cream cheese mixed in, so i figured that the flavor combination could be mildly appealing to some... however, my friend (who has a pretty 'americanized' taste palate) felt that there was no way this concoction could appeal to anyone.

this is what he had to say about it...
'My basket of deep fried butter came as five warm wontons approximately an inch in diameter topped with powdered sugar and filled with melted butter.  My first bite produced a stream of liquid butter squirting into my basket.  The next careful bite tasted as if I was drinking liquid butter.  I ate two of the wontons and at that point I could not get myself to eat any more.  The melted butter was too powerful of a taste and dwarfed the wonton.  Needless to say I will be staying away from the fried butter from now on.'

click here to see more interesting, new 'creations' available at the wisconsin state fair this year...

...dear wisconsin state fair, lets try to move away from the wisconsin stereotypes next year.


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