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this weekend was a chicago weekend. we spent the day saturday rummaging through odds and ends stores up and down clark avenue in lincoln park and north avenue in bucktown. the day started out pouring rain but by noon or so, it had cleared up and made for a great afternoon for city exploring.
 we stopped by the meatloaf bakery on clark street to see what it was all about. i saw cupcakes in the window so obviously i had to stop, but i guess i didn't put two and two together to realize these were all meat cupcakes! the second we walked in the door, we were ambushed by the overwhelming smell of a butcher shop.

The meatloaf bakery offers up items like 'a wing and a prayer loaf', which is a ground chicken, bleu cheese and hot wing sauce 'cake', topped with bleu cheese and ranch dressing. The yentl lentl loaf is a vegetarian option made with lentils and brown rice flavored with veggies and cheese and topped with roasted red bell pepper coulis and bell peppers.

it was all such an interesting concept and such a unique experience. i would definitely recommend stopping by even if only to see something new and exciting!

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i love this city.


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