cathedral square market...

this morning, i stopped by the cathedral square farmers market on state and jefferson. i had heard great things about this farmers market before but i was a tad let down... it just wasn't very lively and most of the vendor's booths were sparse to say the least. i initially went to find some flowers for my coffee table, but once i got there, the slow tone of the market made me lose interest in trying to find something i really liked.

i ended up getting a raspberry cream cheese scone from the great harvest bakery booth. i only decided to get this scone because it was extremely strange looking, almost tie-dyed. but again, i was let down. i could hardly taste the raspberry... it was pretty much just a cream cheese flavored scone, full of real cream cheese and sprinkled with red coloring (from what i take as their attempt to add raspberrys into the flavor combination). it just wasn't good at all.

better luck next saturday...


Anonymous said...

the cake and pie pops are adorable !

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