bridesmaid worthy flops...

 a good friend of mine is getting married this weekend and i was in desperate need to find shoes for my bridesmaid dress. problem #1 : i'm the tallest bridesmaid. problem #2: i'm on a budget.

lucky for me, the dresses are floor length, so they cover our shoes. since i'm considerably taller than most of the other girls, i chose to search for dressy flat sandals so i wouldn't stand out as the amazon bridesmaid in these pictures that we'll have for life.

what i ended up doing was finding a pair of strappy sandals for (dare i say...) ten dollars! they were the exact color as the floral accent on our dresses so i absolutely had to purchase them. since they weren't as dressy as i had hoped to find (but i couldn't pass up my ten dollar find), i took a trip to joann fabrics and purchased a package of 70 pressed flowers in a gray and purple color scheme. i ended up leaving joann fabrics with five dollars less than i walked in with. so all together, my bridesmaid shoes have cost $15.

to dress up my new sandals, i layered three alternating colored petals, and fastened them with purple thread and a pearl bead (luckily, i had about three pounds of pearl beads lying around my apartment from the 1920's themed bachelorette party i threw).

after putting together three flowers for each sandal, i fastened the finished flowers to the braided strap down the middle of each sandal. all in all, the project took me about two hours and cost me $15. they match my dress perfectly and won't make me tower over the rest of the bridesmaids!

here is the final product with the dress...


Anonymous said...

What a great idea for customizing bridesmaids footware....and they look beautiful!

Anonymous said...

YAY! I love them! You will look perfect :) -Leen

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