amazing flavors from the calabasas candy co...

I'm always in search of non-traditional flavors and flavor combinations when it comes to cupcakes, candy and well, really any type of food. So many people just play it safe when it comes to what they eat that it takes all the fun out of the experience... and that's what restaurants, bars and bakeries are all about, right? If you wanted to have a plain jane burger, you could just make one on your own grill in the comfort of your own home, right? But you don't, you wan't that phenomenally juicy gourmet burger with all your favorite toppings and those amazing seasoned fries that are cooked just right, just how you like them. It's because that burger, at that particular place, was an experience for you; it was something you had never had before, and that's why you love it.

So open up your mind and try new things! Stay away from safety and take a flavor risk every once in a while... those little risks are what makes every day great, fresh and exciting!

here are some absolutely mouthwatering flavor/texture combinations from the calabasas candy co. {seriously, mouthwatering...}

{strawberry caramels via calabasas candy co.}

{apple cider caramels via calabasas candy co.}

{bananas foster caramels via calabasas candy co.}

{blueberry marshmallows via calabasas candy co.}

{pumpkin spice marshmallows via calabasas candy co.}


Nuha said...

oh my god...these look SO YUMMY!! i want every flavor :)

i'm hosting a giveaway on my blog for some fashion illustration cards, hope you'll check it out!

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